Hi! I'm Karla...Owner & Cake Artist of Frost My Heart. Just a few little "fyi's" about me to familiarize yourself...

--> I am a native Floridian and true to form, you can usually find me in my flip-flops or barefeet even in -20 below temps! ;) I despise cold weather.

--> I have a degree in Early Childhood Education

--> I attended the Columbus College of Art & Design for Graphics & Illustration

--> I think during my college years, I worked at almost every bar - dives to high end - in the Columbus area (*Dart league & karaoke nights are the best for tips! Just a side note for any college students working that scene, in need of cash & reading this right now.)

--> I enjoy humor and sarcasm. I use them daily and laugh at myself often.

--> I am also a photographer and graphic logo designer and am the Owner of Studio Seven Photography. Unfortunately, it often takes a back seat because I don't have the time that I would like to put more into it. (...someday! someday!)

--> I am a passionate Victims Advocate Against Domestic Violence

--> I volunteer / donate time &/or product as often as I can for worthy causes & organizations. I am a very proud Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles (look it up!).

--> I think in another life, I must've been a philanthropist because I get giddy & excited at the thought of organizing & putting together events, especially fundraisers...I know, a bit strange.

--> I started out as a hobby baker. I made a few things for friends & family on occasion. I never intended, nor thought it would turn into my "job."

--> Fast forward to today...after baking & decorating for several years "on the side", I left my job in the corporate world and took the plunge on making Frost My Heart a full time gig! Long days in an office and long nights in the kitchen. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to finally sleep at night again. The 2nd floor of my home had become a stranger to me...a mere figment of my imagination!

--> I am so, so blessed to have my family & friends whom have always encouraged & supported me in this venture.

--> I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do! I really enjoy getting to know my clients and creating something special and unique (& delicious!) for each of them.

--> ...and just one last little thing...I have THE BEST clients / customers!!!! I am beyond thankful for each and every one of them. :) 

Why us?